ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions: Transforming Document Scan & Capture


The Significance of Scan & Capture Automation

In the digital age, efficient document management is a cornerstone of productivity and cost-effectiveness. ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions offers advanced Scan & Capture capabilities to revolutionise how you handle your documents. Explore how our solutions can help you streamline document scanning and capture processes, reduce manual effort, and enhance overall efficiency. 


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Who Benefits from ORdigiNAL's Document Automation Solutions?

ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions empower organisations to take control of their document scanning and capture processes, optimise efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance accuracy. Whether you need to digitise paper documents, streamline data extraction, or improve overall document workflows, our solutions are customisable to meet your specific requirements. Embrace advanced Scan & Capture automation with ORdigiNAL and elevate your document management capabilities to new heights.

From small businesses looking to streamline document scanning to large enterprises requiring comprehensive capture solutions, our offerings are scalable to meet your needs.

Doctors, nurses, and healthcare practitioners can use dictation to record patient information, medical notes, and more, reducing the time spent on paperwork and allowing for more focus on patient care.

Law firms and legal departments benefit from automated document scanning, indexing, and data extraction, improving efficiency and document accuracy.

Government agencies and public institutions improve document digitisation, reducing paperwork, and enhancing service delivery.


Key Features

ORdigiNAL is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions to enhance communication and streamline processes for professionals. The dictation solutions we supply have a variety of features. Speak to our team about which one is best for you.

Improved Efficiency:

Traditional manual document scanning and indexing can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Our automation solutions significantly reduce manual intervention, speeding up document processing and improving workflow efficiency.

Cost Reduction:

Manual document handling can incur costs related to paper, storage, and manual labour. ORdigiNAL's Scan & Capture solutions help optimise these processes, resulting in cost savings through reduced resource usage and paper consumption.

Enhanced Accuracy:

Automation minimises the risk of human errors in document scanning, indexing, and data entry. This increased accuracy is particularly vital for industries requiring precise and error-free document handling, such as legal, finance, and healthcare.

Seamless Integration:

ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, including document management software, content management systems (CMS), and other tools. This ensures your document workflows remain smooth and efficient.

Efficient Scanning:

Our solutions support high-speed scanning of various document types, from standard paper documents to receipts and even large-format materials.

Intelligent Indexing:

Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and intelligent indexing capabilities automate the extraction of critical information from documents.

Data Extraction:

Extract and capture data from documents swiftly and accurately, reducing manual data entry and associated errors.

Mobile Capture:

Enable users to capture documents and data using mobile devices, increasing flexibility and productivity.

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