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 As a leading provider of advanced speech-to-text solutions, Philips SpeechLive empowers professionals across various industries to streamline their documentation workflow and enhance collaboration. With its cloud-based platform and cutting-edge features, SpeechLive enables users to dictate, transcribe, and securely manage their speech-based content with ease and efficiency.

About Philips Speechlive

Enhance Efficiency and Collaboration with Philips SpeechLive's Cutting-Edge Features

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, optimising productivity and collaboration is paramount. Philips SpeechLive offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to revolutionise your workflow and make the speech-to-text process seamless. Whether you’re a busy executive, a legal professional, or a healthcare provider, SpeechLive provides the tools you need to transform spoken words into written text effortlessly.


Cloud-Based Speech Recognition:

Philips SpeechLive leverages cloud-based speech recognition to streamline your workflow, allowing you to dictate and transcribe with ease.


Secure Document Management:

With secure document management and cloud storage, SpeechLive ensures your transcriptions are protected and accessible from anywhere.


Flexible Workflow Integration:

Seamlessly integrate SpeechLive into your existing workflow, saving time and eliminating manual data entry for improved efficiency.


Speech Recognition Customisation:

Customise the speech recognition engine to adapt to your voice and specific industry terminology, ensuring accurate transcriptions.



Save time and enhance productivity by dictating your thoughts and ideas instead of typing.

Facilitate seamless teamwork and document sharing among colleagues, promoting efficient collaboration.

Access your transcriptions and dictations anytime, anywhere, with the convenience of cloud-based storage and accessibility.

Safely store and manage your transcriptions with advanced encryption and authentication measures, ensuring data security and confidentiality.

Customise the speech recognition engine to accurately transcribe industry-specific terminology and adapt to your unique voice and speech patterns.


For Business Users:

Business users benefit from Philips SpeechLive by increasing their productivity and efficiency through seamless speech-to-text workflow and secure document management.


For Legal Professionals:

Legal professionals can enhance their documentation process and streamline collaboration with colleagues using Philips SpeechLive's cloud-based speech recognition and secure data management features.

For Public Sector

In the public sector, Philips SpeechLive empowers professionals to simplify their speech-to-text workflow, improve accuracy, and ensure secure document management, leading to enhanced efficiency and data protection.

For Heatlhcare

Healthcare professionals can rely on Philips SpeechLive to streamline their documentation process, securely manage patient information, and improve collaboration among healthcare teams, ultimately enhancing patient care and efficiency in healthcare settings.

Revolutionise Your Workflow with Philips SpeechLive:

Enhance Efficiency and Collaboration with Philips SpeechLive's Cutting-Edge Features

With Phillips SpeechLive, you can dictate your thoughts, ideas, and notes anytime, anywhere, using a wide range of devices. The software transcribes your speech into accurate written text, allowing you to focus on your core tasks rather than typing. With cloud-based accessibility and collaboration features, SpeechLive facilitates efficient teamwork and document sharing among colleagues.

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