ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions: Empowering Desktop & Collaboration


The Essence of Desktop & Collaboration Solutions

Desktop & Collaboration Solutions in document management focus on equipping users with tools that simplify document creation, editing, sharing, and collaboration. ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance these aspects, delivering tangible benefits to your organisation:


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Who Benefits from ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions?

ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions Desktop & Collaboration empowers organisations to maximise their desktop and collaboration capabilities, making document creation, editing, and sharing more efficient and secure. Whether you need to create professional documents, foster teamwork among remote teams, or enhance collaboration within your organisation, our solutions are customisable to meet your specific requirements. Embrace advanced Desktop & Collaboration with ORdigiNAL and elevate your document management and collaboration processes.

Professionals across industries benefit from streamlined document creation and enhanced collaboration, saving time and boosting productivity.

Distributed teams benefit from real-time collaboration tools that bridge geographical gaps and promote seamless teamwork.

Lawyers, paralegals, and legal experts can dictate case details, briefs, and contracts, increasing the efficiency of legal document creation and improving accuracy.

Government agencies improve document sharing and collaboration, enhancing service delivery and transparency.


Key Features

ORdigiNAL is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions to enhance communication and streamline processes for professionals. The dictation solutions we supply have a variety of features. Speak to our team about which one is best for you.

Streamlined Document Creation:

Our solutions simplify document creation, providing users with intuitive tools to generate professional documents quickly.

Enhanced Collaboration:

Foster teamwork and streamline collaboration with features that allow multiple users to work on documents simultaneously, whether they're in the same office or spread across the globe.

Secure Sharing:

Ensure document security by implementing robust access controls and encryption, enabling safe sharing and collaboration both within and outside your organisation.

Document Versioning:

Maintain control over document versions, tracking changes and allowing for easy reference to previous iterations.

Document Creation:

Create documents effortlessly using user-friendly templates, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance.

Real-time Collaboration:

Collaborate in real time, allowing multiple users to edit and comment on documents simultaneously.

Access Control:

Implement granular access controls to determine who can view, edit, or comment on documents.

Version Tracking:

Quickly locate documents using advanced search functionality, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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