ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions: Elevating Workflow & Automation


The Essence of Workflow & Automation

Workflow & Automation in document management involves the orchestration and optimisation of tasks and processes related to document creation, approval, sharing, and archiving. ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions harness cutting-edge technology to automate these processes, bringing substantial benefits to your organisation:


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Who Benefits from ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions

ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions empower organisations to take control of their document workflows, optimise efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance accuracy. Whether you need to streamline approval processes, automate data integration, or improve overall document management workflows, our solutions are customisable to meet your specific requirements. Embrace advanced Workflow & Automation with ORdigiNAL and unlock the full potential of your document-centric processes.

 From small enterprises seeking to streamline approval workflows to large corporations requiring comprehensive process automation, our solutions are scalable to meet your needs.

Law firms and legal departments benefit from automated document approval workflows, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Healthcare organisations streamline the approval of patient records, medical forms, and administrative documents while ensuring data privacy and compliance.

Government agencies and public institutions improve document workflows, reducing bureaucracy and enhancing service delivery.


Key Features

ORdigiNAL is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions to enhance communication and streamline processes for professionals. The dictation solutions we supply have a variety of features. Speak to our team about which one is best for you.

Process Orchestration

Define, automate, and optimise document-centric processes to ensure consistency and efficiency.

Document Routing:

Automatically route documents to the right individuals or departments for review, approval, or further action.

Alerts and Notifications:

Set up automated alerts and notifications to keep stakeholders informed about the status of documents and workflows.

Version Control:

Maintain version control of documents to ensure everyone works with the latest and most accurate information.

Data Integration:

Seamlessly integrate data from various sources into your document workflows, reducing manual data entry.


Implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive documents, including access controls and encryption.

Cost Savings:

Manual document workflows can incur costs related to labour, paper, and storage. ORdigiNAL's Workflow & Automation solutions help reduce these costs by streamlining processes and minimising resource usage.

Improved Accuracy:

Automation reduces the risk of human errors in document handling, approval, and routing. This increased accuracy is particularly vital for industries requiring precise and error-free document management, such as legal, finance, and healthcare.

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