CC4Teams: Empowering Collaboration and Communication with Microsoft Teams

CC4Teams revolutionises Microsoft Teams with enhanced collaboration features and seamless integration, empowering organizations to communicate and collaborate with ease.

About CC4Teams

Unlock the Full Potential of Microsoft Teams

CC4Teams is a powerful collaboration and communication solution that enhances Microsoft Teams with advanced features and seamless integration, enabling organizations to maximize the potential of their teamwork. With its comprehensive suite of tools, including chatbots, analytics, and call management, CC4Teams empowers businesses to improve productivity, streamline communication, and foster effective collaboration within their Microsoft Teams environment.


Microsoft Teams Integration:

Enhances collaboration in Microsoft Teams with new features, tools, and a streamlined user experience for better team productivity.


Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity:

CC4ALL offers Omni Channel Contact Center capabilities,
and all are managed from one central administration tool and one client. The addition of extended Web Chat and Social Media features make CC4ALL the most complete, versatile and flexible Omni-Channel Solution in the Skype for Business Contact Center market today.


Advanced Call Management:

To be put on hold, only to be connected incorrectly subsequently, is one of the biggest frustrations amongst customers. CC4ALL, therefore, takes call routing seriously. Routing can be Skill-based or by the longest available agent.



Facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among team members, both within and across departments, improving teamwork, knowledge sharing, and decision-making.

Streamline workflows and automate routine tasks, reducing manual efforts and enabling employees to focus on high-value activities, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.

Leverage analytics and reporting capabilities to gain valuable insights into communication patterns, team performance, and user engagement, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

Efficiently handle and manage calls within Microsoft Teams, ensuring clear and reliable communication, call quality monitoring, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Customise CC4Teams to align with your organisation’s specific needs, integrating with existing systems and workflows. The solution is scalable, accommodating the growth and evolving requirements of businesses.


For Business Users:

CC4Teams empowers business users to enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and boost productivity within the Microsoft Teams environment.


For Legal Professionals:

CC4Teams provides legal professionals with advanced collaboration tools, secure communication channels, and streamlined workflows, enabling efficient document sharing and collaboration within Microsoft Teams.

For Public Sector

CC4Teams helps public sector organisations improve communication, collaboration, and citizen engagement by leveraging the comprehensive features and seamless integration of Microsoft Teams.

For Healthcare

CC4Teams supports healthcare professionals by enabling secure communication, streamlined workflows, and efficient collaboration within the Microsoft Teams platform, enhancing patient care and improving healthcare outcomes.

Empower Collaboration and Communication with CC4Teams:

Elevate your Microsoft Teams Experience

CC4Teams enables organisations to harness the full potential of Microsoft Teams, transforming it into a comprehensive collaboration and communication platform. With enhanced features, streamlined workflows, and seamless integration, businesses can optimise teamwork, improve productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Embrace the power of CC4Teams to empower your organisation with advanced collaboration tools and take your communication to the next level within the Microsoft Teams environment.

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