A comprehensive transcription creation and management platform that consolidates, accelerates and optimises workflow, consistently and economically.


Modernise manual processes and ensure transcripts are created in a timely manner, with high accuracy

NetScribe transcription platform increases productivity and provides visibility into the entire transcription process – from dictation to document distribution. Adding aiAssist™, VIQ’s intelligent speech-to-text engine turns single-speaker and multi-speaker recordings into formatted draft documents for quick review and editing, increasing productivity. Designed to support single and multi-channel recordings, including For The Record TRM files and JAVS OGG files, NetScribe has been proven to optimise documentation workflow and decrease turnaround time.

With NetScribe, enables the user to provide secure access to audio recordings and formatted documents, more quickly accurately, securely, and economically than possible with traditional tools and processes.


Automated Content/Delivery Templates and Document Formatting

 This feature allows users to accelerate transcript delivery through the use of automated content/delivery templates and document formatting. By employing these tools, users can save time, increase efficiency, and ensure consistent formatting in their transcripts.


Flexible Production Options and Outsourcing Capabilities

With flexible production options and the ability to outsource, users can select the most suitable method for transcript creation. Whether using AI technology, the NetScribe platform, or VIQ Solutions professional team, users can rely on efficient and accurate transcription services.


Agnostic Support for Audio Recording Systems

NetScribe offers agnostic support for audio recording systems, enabling users to import and integrate multiple audio files into a unified transcription file. This feature streamlines the transcription process and consolidates all relevant information into a comprehensive transcript.


Industry-Proven Security Protocols and Trusted Solutions

With industry-proven security protocols and a track record of withstanding legal scrutiny, users can have confidence in the protection of their confidential data. NetScribe is trusted in thousands of courtrooms globally, providing a secure and reliable transcription experience.



NetScribe helps save both time and money by automating and expediting the transcript creation process. Its efficient workflow and automated features reduce the need for manual intervention, enabling transcriptionists to complete projects more quickly. This leads to cost savings for businesses and individuals alike.

With advanced speech recognition technology, NetScribe delivers highly accurate transcripts. Its AI-powered speech-to-text engine ensures precise conversion of audio into written text, minimizing errors and enhancing the overall quality of the transcripts. This level of accuracy is particularly beneficial in industries where transcription precision is critical, such as legal, medical, and research sectors.

NetScribe streamlines the transcription workflow, allowing users to work more efficiently. The platform offers customizable templates, formatting options, and automated content delivery, enabling transcriptionists to expedite their tasks. Additionally, the ability to split lengthy recordings into segments and distribute them among multiple typists improves productivity and ensures faster turnaround times.

NetScribe prioritises data security and confidentiality. The platform employs industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect sensitive information during the transcription process. Users can have confidence that their data and transcripts are secure from unauthorised access, complying with privacy regulations.

NetScribe provides scalable solutions to accommodate various transcription needs. Whether it’s a small transcription project or a large-scale enterprise requirement, the platform can adapt to meet user demands. Its flexibility enables businesses to scale their transcription operations as required, making it suitable for organisations of all sizes.


For Business Users:

NetScribe enables business users to streamline their documentation process, saving time and resources by automating the transcription of important meetings, interviews, and conferences.


For Legal Professionals:

NetScribe provides legal professionals with a reliable and accurate transcription solution, ensuring that court hearings, depositions, and client meetings are documented with precision and adherence to confidentiality.

For Public Sector

Courts are facing staff shortages that are negatively impacting their ability to create transcripts in a timely manner. NetScribe can help transcription teams to speed transcript creation using AI-generated text, audio recording and notes. If extra support is needed, connected courts can utilize resources from different districts to assist and balance workload or Courts can outsource the transcript creation to VIQ’s experienced services. team

For Heatlhcare

This product is not recommended for Healthcare.

Take your multi-speaker to the next level with NeScribe.

Efficient Multispeaker Transcription Made Easy with NetScribe: Accurate, Secure, and Scalable Solutions

Overall, NetScribe offers time and cost savings, accurate and high-quality transcripts, enhanced workflow efficiency, secure data handling, and scalability. It serves as a valuable tool for transcriptionists and businesses seeking reliable transcription services

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