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At ORdigiNAL, we have a dedicated inside sales team that plays a crucial role in supporting our resellers. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive assistance and valuable resources to help resellers thrive in their business. Here’s how our inside sales team can assist resellers:

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ORdigiNAL’s inside sales team is dedicated to assisting resellers by providing product knowledge, sales support and training, efficient order processing and logistics, marketing assistance, and customer relationship management. We strive to be a trusted partner for our resellers, empowering them with the resources and support needed to succeed in their businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can the inside sales team help me choose the right product for my business?

Our inside sales team has extensive product knowledge and expertise. They can guide you through our product offerings, understand your specific requirements, and recommend the most suitable solution for your business needs.

Can the inside sales team assist with sales training and support?

Absolutely! Our inside sales team provides comprehensive sales training and support materials to help you effectively market and sell our products. They offer guidance on positioning, sales strategies, and provide resources to enhance your sales presentations.

How does the team handle order processing and logistics?

Our team ensures smooth order processing and efficient logistics. They handle order inquiries, track shipments, and coordinate with logistics partners to ensure timely delivery. You can rely on their expertise to manage the entire order fulfilment process.

Is the inside sales team available for ongoing customer support?

Yes, our inside sales team is dedicated to providing ongoing customer support. They can assist with customer inquiries, address any concerns or issues, and ensure customer satisfaction. They act as a liaison between customers and our organisation, ensuring a positive and responsive experience.

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Our inside sales team possesses in-depth knowledge of our products and services. They stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and advancements, ensuring that resellers have access to accurate and relevant information. They can answer queries, provide technical specifications, and offer guidance on product selection, enabling resellers to make informed decisions.

We understand that resellers need support to effectively market and sell our products. Our inside sales team provides sales training and support materials, equipping resellers with the necessary tools and strategies to successfully promote and position our products in the market. They offer sales resources, product demonstrations, and assistance with sales presentations, empowering resellers to effectively communicate the value of our solutions to their customers.

Efficient order processing and logistics are vital for resellers to meet customer demands promptly. Our inside sales team ensures smooth order processing, timely delivery, and effective communication throughout the entire process. They handle order inquiries, track shipments, and coordinate with logistics partners, ensuring that resellers can fulfil customer orders efficiently.

ORdigiNAL’s inside sales team collaborates with resellers to develop marketing strategies and lead generation initiatives. They provide marketing materials, campaign ideas, and assistance with targeted promotions, enabling resellers to effectively reach their target audience and generate quality leads. Our team also offers market insights and competitive analysis to help resellers identify new business opportunities.

Building strong customer relationships is crucial for resellers’ long-term success. Our inside sales team provides ongoing support to resellers in managing customer accounts. They assist with customer inquiries, address concerns or issues, and ensure customer satisfaction. Our team acts as a liaison between resellers and our organisation, fostering a positive and collaborative partnership.

ORdigiNAL’s inside sales team offers technical support and troubleshooting assistance to resellers. They are well-versed in our products and can provide guidance and solutions to address technical issues or challenges that resellers may encounter. Whether it’s troubleshooting software configurations, resolving compatibility issues, or addressing product functionality concerns, our inside sales team is there to provide timely and reliable technical support, ensuring that resellers can deliver optimal customer experiences.

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