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Materialise Magics streamlines 3D printing for various industries, lowering expenses, improving quality, and hastening time-to-market by automating and optimizing processes. Its extensive set of tools and aid for multiple file formats enables users to achieve excellent outcomes. Unlock additive manufacturing’s complete potential with Materialise Magics.

About Materialise Magics

The Most Powerful Data and Build Preparation Software

Designed to simplify and enhance the 3D printing workflow, Materialise Magics provides an all-in-one solution for professionals across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and consumer goods. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Materialise Magics, businesses can streamline their additive manufacturing processes, reduce costs, improve quality, and accelerate time-to-market. With its comprehensive suite of tools, versatility in supporting various file formats, and advanced capabilities for process automation and optimization, Materialise Magics empowers users to unleash their creativity, optimize resources, and achieve exceptional results. Experience the power of Materialise Magics and unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing.


Comprehensive 3D Printing Toolbox

Materialise Magics offers a comprehensive set of tools to optimise and prepare 3D models for the additive manufacturing process.


Extensive File Format Support

Materialise Magics supports a wide range of file formats, allowing seamless integration with various design and manufacturing software.


Automation and Optimisation

Materialise Magics incorporates automation and optimisation capabilities to streamline the 3D printing workflow and enhance productivity.


Quality Control and Reporting

Take complete control of your computer with voice commands, navigating applications, opening files, and executing commands hands-free to increase efficiency and productivity.


Materialise Magics

By leveraging the powerful features of Materialise Magics, businesses can streamline their 3D printing workflow, reduce manual intervention, and achieve significant cost savings through optimised part placement and material usage.

Materialise Magics’ advanced tools for mesh editing, support generation, and part orientation contribute to improved print quality, enhanced structural stability, and reduced post-processing requirements, ensuring reliable and consistent results.

The automation capabilities of Materialise Magics, such as batch processing and automated part orientation, help businesses increase productivity, reduce production time, and accelerate time-to-market for their 3D-printed products.

Seamlessly integrate Dragon Professional into your existing workflows and applications. Dictate directly into your preferred tools, eliminating the need for manual typing and improving overall workflow efficiency.

Materialise Magics’ extensive file format support allows seamless integration with various software tools, facilitating collaboration and interoperability among design and manufacturing teams. This versatility enables businesses to leverage their existing workflows and maximise the value of their 3D printing investments.


For Business Users:

Business users benefit from Materialise Magics as it provides advanced tools to optimize their 3D printing workflow, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.


For Legal Professionals:

Legal professionals can leverage Materialise Magics to create accurate 3D models for use in forensic analysis, crime scene reconstruction, and courtroom presentations, enhancing their ability to present compelling evidence.

For Public Sector

The public sector can benefit from Materialise Magics by utilizing its capabilities in various areas such as urban planning, architecture, and cultural heritage preservation, enabling efficient and accurate 3D modeling and printing for public projects.

For Heatlhcare

Healthcare professionals can utilize Materialise Magics to enhance patient care through applications like personalized medical devices, surgical planning models, and anatomical replicas, resulting in improved treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Optimise Your 3D Printing Workflow with Materialise Magics:

Achieve Superior Print Quality and Reliability with Materialise Magics: Advanced Features for Flawless 3D Printing

Streamline Production and Boost Time-to-Market with Materialise Magics: Automation and Collaboration for Enhanced Productivity

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