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Unleash the Power of Document Management and Print Control with Tungsten ControlSuite: Simplify, Secure, and Streamline

About Tungsten ControlSuite

Seamlessly Automate Workflows, Improve Security, and Drive Productivity

Tungsten ControlSuite is a comprehensive document management and print management solution that empowers organisations to streamline document workflows, enhance security, and optimise printing processes. With its powerful suite of features, including Equitrac, AutoStore, Business Connect, and Output Manager, this innovative platform enables efficient document capture, intelligent routing, secure printing, and seamless integration across your entire organisation.


Efficient Document Capture and Routing:

Effortlessly route documents to the right destinations, improving efficiency and ensuring seamless document workflows.


Secure Print Management:

Protect sensitive information and meet compliance requirements with secure printing and comprehensive print tracking.


Seamless Integration and Connectivity:

Manage document workflows and print processes from a centralised platform, simplifying administration and enhancing control.


Centralised Print Output Management:

Optimise your print infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve print job performance with intelligent print management features.


Tungsten ControlSuite

Simplify document capture, routing, and processing, enabling efficient and automated workflows throughout your organisation.

Ensure document security and compliance with features like secure printing, user authentication, and comprehensive print tracking.

Control print costs, reduce waste, and improve print job performance with intelligent print management features.

Connect Tungsten ControlSuite with your existing business applications and hardware devices for a seamless and unified document management and print management experience.

Automate manual tasks, reduce errors, and enhance productivity with streamlined document workflows and optimised print processes.


For Business Users:

Tungsten ControlSuite optimises document management processes, enabling businesses to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance information security.


For Legal Professionals:

With Tungsten ControlSuite, legal professionals can streamline document workflows, ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, and improve collaboration, ultimately enhancing productivity and client service.

For Public Sector

Tungsten ControlSuite empowers public sector organisations to manage documents securely, automate manual processes, and enhance citizen engagement, leading to more efficient and transparent service delivery.

For Healthcare

Tungsten ControlSuite supports healthcare providers in managing patient records, improving data privacy and compliance, and streamlining document-intensive workflows, enabling enhanced patient care and operational efficiency.

Simplify, Secure, and Streamline

Unleash the Power of Document Management and Print Control with Tungsten ControlSuite.

Empower your organisation with Tungsten ControlSuite and revolutionise your document management and print control capabilities.

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