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In the ever-evolving landscape of the public sector, organisations face unique challenges in delivering efficient and effective services to citizens. Government entities are tasked with balancing the demands for increased productivity, streamlined processes, and improved citizen engagement, all whilst adhering to stringent regulations and maintaining data security. At ORdigiNAL, we are dedicated to helping public sector organisations overcome these challenges by harnessing the power of technology. Our suite of cutting-edge solutions, including Dragon Professional Anywhere, Tungsten Power PDF Advanced, SignDoc, and Printix, is designed to empower government organisations to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and improve citizen engagement. 

Streamlining Processes: The public sector often grapples with complex workflows and time-consuming administrative tasks. Dragon Professional Anywhere revolutionises documentation and workflow processes with its advanced speech recognition capabilities, allowing government professionals to create and manage documents more efficiently. This technology enables accurate and timely documentation, reducing administrative burdens and increasing overall productivity.

Enhancing Productivity: Government organisations are under constant pressure to deliver more with limited resources. Tungsten Power PDF Advanced offers a comprehensive set of tools for document management, allowing public sector employees to create, edit, and securely share PDF files. With advanced features such as redaction and electronic signatures, Power PDF Advanced ensures compliance with government regulations and streamlines collaboration, saving time and improving productivity.

Improving Citizen Engagement: The public sector’s primary goal is to serve citizens effectively and deliver services that meet their needs. SignDoc enables government organisations to digitise their processes and securely obtain electronic signatures. This eliminates the need for physical paperwork and allows citizens to conveniently sign documents from anywhere, improving engagement and reducing administrative overhead.

Government-Specific Solutions: Recognising the unique requirements of the public sector, ORdigiNAL provides tailored solutions that address government-specific challenges. Printix simplifies print management within government entities, ensuring cost-efficiency, security, and environmental sustainability. It enables secure print job release, tracking, and accounting, reducing waste and optimising resources in line with government sustainability initiatives.

ORdigiNAL is committed to supporting government organisations in their mission to deliver efficient, citizen-centric services. By leveraging technology solutions like Dragon Professional Anywhere, Tungsten Power PDF Advanced, SignDoc, and Printix, we empower public sector entities to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and improve citizen engagement. Our comprehensive range of government-specific solutions, combined with our expertise and dedication, enables us to address the unique challenges faced by government organisations. Partner with ORdigiNAL to embrace the transformative power of technology and drive the digital transformation of government operations, ultimately benefiting both government employees and the citizens they serve.

About Ordiginal

At ORdigiNAL, we understand the unique challenges faced by the public sector and the crucial role that technology plays in delivering efficient and effective services. Government organisations are tasked with meeting the diverse needs of citizens while ensuring compliance, transparency, and security. With our extensive experience, deep industry knowledge, and cutting-edge solutions like Dragon Professional Anywhere, Tungsten Power PDF Advanced, SignDoc, and Printix, we are dedicated to empowering public sector organizations to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and improve citizen engagement.


With years of serving government organisations, ORdigiNAL has gained valuable insights into the specific needs and requirements of the public sector. We have successfully partnered with numerous government entities, delivering tailored solutions that address their unique challenges and drive operational excellence.

 Our team of experts possesses comprehensive knowledge of the public sector landscape, regulations, and best practices. We stay updated with the latest advancements, emerging technologies, and government-specific requirements, enabling us to provide informed guidance and recommendations to public sector organisations.


ORdigiNAL offers a range of innovative solutions designed specifically for the public sector. Dragon Professional Anywhere empowers government professionals with advanced speech recognition capabilities, enhancing productivity and enabling accurate documentation. Tungsten Power PDF Advanced and SignDoc provide powerful document management and digital signature solutions, ensuring efficient collaboration and secure information exchange. Printix simplifies print management, ensuring cost-efficiency, security, and environmental sustainability.

We take a consultative approach, working closely with government organisations to understand their unique challenges, goals, and compliance requirements. We design and implement tailored solutions that address their specific needs, promoting efficiency, collaboration, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.

Our Team Sets Us Apart

ORdigiNAL provides comprehensive support, training, and maintenance services to ensure seamless implementation and adoption of our solutions. We offer ongoing assistance, updates, and enhancements to keep government organisations at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling them to deliver efficient and citizen-centric services.

With ORdigiNAL as your trusted partner, public sector organisations can leverage our expertise, knowledge, and innovative solutions to optimise processes, enhance productivity, improve citizen engagement, and meet the unique challenges of government operations. We are committed to empowering government entities to deliver efficient, transparent, and citizen-centric services, leveraging the transformative power of technology. Through our tailored solutions and ongoing support, we enable the public sector to make a positive impact on the lives of citizens and drive the digital transformation of government operations.

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