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Dragon Professional Anywhere Cloud is an advanced cloud-based speech recognition solution designed to revolutionize productivity and documentation workflows

About Dragon Professional Anywhere Cloud

Manage projects on any device, anywhere

 With its powerful features and seamless integration, this innovative platform enables accurate and efficient speech-to-text conversion, delivering exceptional results from anywhere, at any time.

Cloud Based

Cloud-Based Speech Recognition:

Harness the power of cloud computing for seamless access to speech recognition capabilities, allowing convenient and secure usage from any device or location.

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Accurate and Efficient Documentation:

Achieve exceptional accuracy and efficiency in creating documents, reports, and emails by simply speaking, boosting productivity and reducing reliance on manual typing.


Enhanced Workflow Integration:

Seamlessly integrate Dragon Professional Anywhere Cloud with popular applications, such as Microsoft Office and email clients, enabling streamlined workflows and efficient execution of voice commands.


Secure and Compliant:

Ensure the highest levels of data security with encrypted communication and protected cloud storage, meeting stringent regulatory requirements, including GDPR and other industry-specific data privacy standards.


Dragon Professional Anywhere Cloud

Achieve superior accuracy and quality in documentation, reducing errors and ensuring professional output.

Eliminate the need for costly on-premises infrastructure and scale up or down effortlessly as per business needs.

Maintain data security and comply with regulations, protecting sensitive information and maintaining trust with clients and patients.

Work seamlessly from anywhere, on any device, allowing professionals to stay productive and connected on the go.

Save valuable time by speaking instead of typing, accelerating documentation processes, and enabling multitasking.


For Business Users:

Boost productivity and efficiency by effortlessly converting speech into accurate documentation, streamlining workflows, and enabling flexible remote work.


For Legal Professionals:

Improve productivity and accuracy in legal documentation by dictating directly into legal applications, streamlining workflows, and ensuring data security and compliance. In certain regions, it might be that Dragon Legal Anywhere Cloud is available.

For Public Sector

Increase productivity and streamline administrative processes by converting speech into text, automating data entry, and ensuring data security and compliance in public sector documentation.

For Healthcare

This product is not recommended for healthcare. Not to worry though, click here and we will take you to the healthcare solutions that might interest you.

Take your business communication to the next level with Dragon Professional Anywhere Cloud

Embrace the power of speech recognition to streamline processes, boost productivity and inspire innovation.

By adopting Dragon Professional Anywhere, you open up a world of possibilities and efficiency, by maximizing your productivity, accuracy, and effectiveness in your work. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re reducing the risk of typing-related injuries, which can be costly and time-consuming to recover from. The powerful software has been developed with the input of numerous professionals who already use it to streamline their work processes and increase their output. Embrace the latest technological advancements and tap into the expertise of these seasoned professionals today. By leveraging Dragon Professional Anywhere, you too can take your work to the next level, save valuable time, and achieve new levels of success in your work.

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