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Revolutionise your workflow with powerful speech recognition, boosting productivity and accuracy while eliminating the need for manual typing.

About Dragon Professional

Manage projects on any device, anywhere

Introducing Dragon Professional – Empowering Your Business Communication Dragon Professional is the ultimate speech recognition software designed to revolutionise your professional workflow. With its advanced capabilities and intelligent features, Dragon Professional enables you to effortlessly create documents, compose emails, and command your computer, all by simply speaking. Say goodbye to tedious typing and embrace a new era of productivity with Dragon Professional.


Accurate Speech Recognition

Convert your spoken words into precise text with exceptional speed and accuracy, saving you valuable time and effort.


Customisable Vocabulary and Commands:

Tailor Dragon Professional to your specific industry or professional needs by personalising your vocabulary and creating custom voice commands to streamline tasks and boost productivity.


Seamless Integration:

Effortlessly integrate Dragon Professional into your preferred applications and workflows, dictating directly into popular productivity tools for a smooth transition and enhanced efficiency.


Robust Voice-Controlled Features:

Take complete control of your computer with voice commands, navigating applications, opening files, and executing commands hands-free to increase efficiency and productivity.


Dragon Professional

Experience a significant increase in productivity with Dragon Professional. Dictate documents, emails, and reports up to three times faster than typing, freeing up valuable time for other essential tasks.

Benefit from industry-leading accuracy rates and enjoy precise transcriptions with Dragon Professional. Its advanced technology continually adapts to your voice, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.

Customise Dragon Professional to match your unique working style. Create a vocabulary that reflects your industry-specific terms and configure voice commands to automate repetitive tasks, making work more efficient.

Seamlessly integrate Dragon Professional into your existing workflows and applications. Dictate directly into your preferred tools, eliminating the need for manual typing and improving overall workflow efficiency.

Dragon Professional promotes accessibility and inclusion by empowering individuals with mobility impairments or conditions that make typing challenging. Experience a more inclusive and efficient work environment for all.


For Business Users:

Boost productivity with Dragon Professional. Effortlessly create, control, and integrate with popular tools, saving time and increasing efficiency.


For Legal Professionals:

Transform legal work with Dragon Professional. Dictate, transcribe, and automate tasks, reducing typing time and ensuring accurate transcripts.

For Public Sector

Streamline public sector tasks with Dragon Professional. Effortlessly dictate, integrate, and customise for enhanced productivity and exceptional service delivery.

For Healthcare

This product is not recommended for healthcare. Not to worry though, click here and we will take you to the healthcare solutions that might interest you.

Take your business communication to the next level with Dragon Professional.

Embrace the power of speech recognition and redefine the way you work.

 Boost productivity, accuracy, and efficiency, all while reducing typing-related strain. Join countless professionals who have already unlocked the potential of Dragon Professional.

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