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The best audio technology, with proprietary chipsets, specially tuned to enhance the human voice, especially when paired with Dragon.

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SpeechWare Microphones: Unleash the Power of Speech Recognition with Precision and Clarity

Introducing Dragon Professional – Empowering Your Business Communication Dragon Professional is the ultimate speech recognition software designed to revolutionise your professional workflow. With its advanced capabilities and intelligent features, Dragon Professional enables you to effortlessly create documents, compose emails, and command your computer, all by simply speaking. Say goodbye to tedious typing and embrace a new era of productivity with Dragon Professional.



Depending on the model, they combine a long (40 cm) all flexible Shotgun microphone with a proprietary VoiceMatic® audio chipset, specially tuned for Dragon® performance. Enjoy long-range dictation with the push of a button and similar performance as a headset. An optional foot pedal for unparalleled comfort is also available for some models. In other words, they offer the extra 1% to 3% of accuracy that is essential for doing large amounts of dictation, with instant no-latency transcription and the freedom of not wearing, recharging or holding anything. 



The only adjustable headset in the speech recognition market for maximum dictation working comfort. Featuring the same microphone capsule as the award-winning TableMikes® it also offers exceptional background noise rejection and performance, especially when used with the SpeechWare USB Adapter or MultiAdapter.


Superior Voice Capture Quality

SpeechWare microphones offer superior voice capture quality with advanced noise-cancelling technology and a wide frequency response range.


Robust Voice-Controlled Features:

Take complete control of your computer with voice commands, navigating applications, opening files, and executing commands hands-free to increase efficiency and productivity.



SpeechWare microphones significantly improve productivity by providing clear and accurate voice capture, enabling users to dictate documents, transcribe audio recordings, and perform speech recognition tasks with greater speed and efficiency.

With advanced noise-cancelling technology and wide frequency response range, SpeechWare microphones ensure precise voice capture, resulting in highly accurate transcriptions and speech recognition results. Users can rely on the microphone’s superior audio quality to capture every detail of their speech.

The ergonomic design of SpeechWare microphones prioritizes user comfort during extended use. The lightweight construction and adjustable microphone boom allow for a customised fit, reducing strain and fatigue even during long dictation or transcription sessions.

SpeechWare microphones offer seamless plug-and-play setup, making them compatible with various devices and software applications. Users can effortlessly connect the microphone to their computer or dictation device, eliminating the need for complex installations or configurations.

These microphones are versatile tools that cater to a wide range of industries and applications. From business professionals dictating documents to legal professionals transcribing court proceedings, SpeechWare microphones provide a reliable solution for accurate voice capture in diverse professional settings. Their flexibility makes them suitable for healthcare professionals, public sector employees, students, and anyone who requires efficient and precise voice-to-text conversion.




For Business Users:

SpeechWare microphones offer superior voice capture quality, enabling business users to enhance their productivity and accuracy in speech recognition tasks, such as transcribing meetings, creating documents, and dictating emails.


For Legal Professionals:

With their advanced noise-cancelling technology and precise voice capture capabilities, SpeechWare microphones provide legal professionals with the tools they need for accurate and efficient legal documentation, including transcribing court proceedings, drafting legal documents, and dictating case notes.

For Public Sector

SpeechWare microphones support the needs of the public sector by facilitating clear and accurate voice capture for tasks such as recording meetings, generating reports, and transcribing important interviews or statements, ensuring reliable and detailed documentation.

For Heatlhcare

In the healthcare field, SpeechWare microphones play a crucial role in improving efficiency and accuracy. They enable healthcare professionals to dictate medical reports, capture patient notes, and transcribe medical interviews, contributing to streamlined workflows and precise medical documentation.

Boost Productivity and Accuracy with SpeechWare Microphones

Unleash Your Potential with SpeechWare Microphones: Comfort, Accuracy, and Efficiency Combined

Overall, SpeechWare microphones deliver numerous benefits, including increased productivity, improved accuracy, comfortable usage, easy integration, and versatility, making them essential tools for professionals across various industries.

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