The future of computing is here, and with that future, one certainty exists; Cloud is here to stay. Analysts predict the Cloud sector to grow 23% worldwide in 2022, making it a clear topic in the minds of organisations. With that comes the many challenges organisations continue to face even before the cloud became a consideration; how do we manage our IT footprint? Do we hire, do we outsource? And more importantly, who makes sure it stays secure?

As the world transitions into this new space, a need arises for valuable partners able to help organisations navigate these challenges; enter ORdigiNAL. In partnership with Ingram Micro and Microsoft, ORdigiNAL plans to expand its cloud offering to those organisations looking for a valuable partner in this space. Heading up the Cloud division, I see this space as a unique opportunity for ORdigiNAL to further add value to organisations around the world as ORdigiNAL has done in many other areas of technology. I look forward to implementing an optimise-together strategy with organisations as we navigate a fast-paced and exciting future in the Cloud.

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