Seamless Integration with Dragon Medical One CSpeak, is the pinnacle of secure, cloud-based clinical speech recognition seamlessly integrated into your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Learn More About CSpeak CSpeak: Revolutionising Clinical Speech Recognition  With CSpeak, harness the remarkable power of Nuance’s award-winning clinical speech recognition database to offer you an unparalleled clinical documentation experience. […]

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ORdigiNAL Help Desk: Your First Point of Contact for Seamless Support Learn More Overview Why Choose the ORdigiNAL Help Desk? At ORdigiNAL, we understand that smooth and effective support is essential for our customers’ satisfaction. That’s why we’ve established the ORdigiNAL Help Desk, your dedicated first point of contact for all support-related inquiries. Our Help […]

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ORdigiNAL Support Team: Your Dedicated Partners in Success Get Service Now Overview The Pillars of ORdigiNAL Support At ORdigiNAL, we believe that exceptional support is at the heart of every successful partnership. Our dedicated Support Team is committed to providing you with top-notch assistance and ensuring that your experience with our products and services is […]

Desktop & Collaboration

ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions: Empowering Desktop & Collaboration Learn More About The Essence of Desktop & Collaboration Solutions Desktop & Collaboration Solutions in document management focus on equipping users with tools that simplify document creation, editing, sharing, and collaboration. ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance these aspects, delivering tangible benefits to your […]

Workflow & Automation

ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions: Elevating Workflow & Automation Learn More About The Essence of Workflow & Automation Workflow & Automation in document management involves the orchestration and optimisation of tasks and processes related to document creation, approval, sharing, and archiving. ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions harness cutting-edge technology to automate these processes, bringing substantial benefits to […]

Scan & Capture

ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions: Transforming Document Scan & Capture Learn More About The Significance of Scan & Capture Automation In the digital age, efficient document management is a cornerstone of productivity and cost-effectiveness. ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions offers advanced Scan & Capture capabilities to revolutionise how you handle your documents. Explore how our solutions can […]

Document Automation Solutions

Optimising Together Contact Us About ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions Optimising Together In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient document management is essential for maintaining productivity, accuracy, and compliance. ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline your document processes, from creation and capture to storage and retrieval. Harness the power of […]


From Voice to Text: FirstDraft Transcription Solution with aiAssist FirstDraft: Your Partner for Fast, Flawless Transcriptions and Efficient Workflows Learn More About FirstDraft FirstDraft: Transcribe with AI-Powered Precision and Efficiency Experience the future of transcription with FirstDraft by VIQ Solutions. Cutting-edge transcription technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and advanced speech recognition to elevate […]

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