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Tungsten Documents – Sales & Presales

Partner Information Bulletin (.pdf)
Printix DACH (ENG) (.pdf)
Tungsten AP Essentials - Product Summary (.pdf)
Tungsten Printix 2024 - presentation (.pdf)
Tungsten SignDoc - Product Summary (.pdf)
Tungsten Printix - Cloud Print Management Service Summary (.pdf)
Tungsten Capture - Product Summary (.pdf)
Tungsten Output Manager - Product Summary (.pdf)
Tungsten Printix - Solution overview (.pdf)
Tungsten Power PDF Advanced - Product Summary (.pdf)
Tungsten Printix - Sap2Printix Brochure (.pdf)
Tungsten Printix - Data Security and Compliance Whitepaper (.pdf)

Printix Datasheets – 6 Languages

Essential TECH links

Customer Stories

Printix Customer Story - Elkjop (.pdf)
Printix Customer Story - Evergreen (.pdf)
Printix Customer Story - ACC (.pdf)
Printix Customer Story - Jotun (.pdf)
Case Study - All-Saint-Multi-Academy-Trust (.pdf)
Cloud-Based Print Management - Case Study Bundle (.pdf)
Printix Customer Story - NLEOMF (.pdf)
Printix Customer Story - DDV (.pdf)
Printix Customer Story - Spordrift (.pdf)
Printix Customer Story - Nordic Aviation (.pdf)
5 Case Studies: Case Study Bundle (.pdf)
5 Case Studies : Intelligent Automation Strategy (.pdf)

ORdigiNAL Document Automation Solutions (DAS) is a subsidiary of ORdigiNAL, known for its commitment to delivering the best solutions for partners and customers in the Document Automation Space, categorised in 3 groups: 1. Print & Output Management, 2. Capture & Workflow, 3. Desktop & Collaboration.

At ORdigiNAL DAS , our suite of products and services isn’t just a collection of disparate elements; it’s a finely-tuned funnel designed to amplify value at every stage of the customer journey. From lead generation to sales support, from tailored trainings to personalized solutions, each component seamlessly flows into the next, guided by our commitment to delivering unparalleled innovation and efficiency.

Picture it like a dynamic funnel, with each offering cascading through, gathering momentum and efficacy as it progresses, ultimately converging to amplify the value we bring to our clients. And just as this funnel serves as the conduit for our solutions, it also represents our unwavering dedication to our partners. Whether you’re a prospective collaborator looking to delve deeper into our offerings or an enthusiast eager to experience our innovations firsthand, we invite you to reach out to [email protected]. Let’s navigate this journey together, ensuring that every interaction leaves a lasting impression of excellence and added value.

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