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Speech recognition, Documents, Dictate, Telephony

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Our specialists are at your service

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Microsoft Office Business Telephony

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Busy professionals can now quickly and accurately and accurately dictate documents, ideas and more to do on the computer, just with their voice.

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A totally new view of your document workflows. Using clever equipment we work in a different way and we can do more than ever.

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Speech Recognition

You only need to speak and the words appear automatically on the screen. You have the freedom to work in a more natural way with your computer.

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BizSkype makes you accessible to both your computer and mobile & tablet. The cloud service connects your telephony provider of choice with your existing Microsoft Office setup.

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Project Management

ORdigiNAL provides various services to start, supervise and evaluate your new technology project.

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To get optimal results from our solutions, we train the users, managers and internal trainers.

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Inside Sales Services

Does your organization need to develop a new market or audience? ORdigiNAL provides Sales Support.

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Our solutions are focused on efficiency, time saving, cost reduction and innovation, and can also be used curative.

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  • BizSkype Licence

  • € 9,90 p/m
  • BizSkype Service
  • Call via Microsoft Office
  • Complete VoIP Systeem
  • Connect Telephony

  • € 0,- p/m
  • Premium Telephony lines
  • Flex Business Calls
  • Subscription models available
  • Hardware

  • € 6,- p/m
  • Skype for Business Hardware
  • Headsets & Deskphones
  • Pay per month

Blog & News

ORdigiNAL introduces BizSkype

BizSkype upgrades your Office desktop into a powerful telephony solution. The cloud service is based on Skype for Business and connects your telephony provider of choice with your existing Microsoft O[...]

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Dutch Headoffices in new premises

Due to ORdigiNAL’s expension the Dutch Headoffices moved to new premises. We’re glad to assist you from our new building.[...]

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Nuance Power PDF at the international NIBC bank

The international NIBC bank uses Nuance Power PDF for efficient, paperless meetings![...]

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Delivery by ESD from now possible!

Delivery via ESD (electronic software download) is especially easy with products without hardware , think of Power PDF, PDF for Mac, OmniPage and PaperPort , but obviously the Dragon software licenses[...]

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Speechware mikes now added to our productrange

As of this month, ORdigiNAL have now added Speechware’s microphones that are designed specifically for speech recognition to our product range.[...]

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Nuance Power PDF is the successor of PDF Converter

Nuance’s Power PDF solutions deliver intuitive design and an impressive array of features that allows users to work the way they always have, except with greater productivity.[...]

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