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Modernize manual processes and ensure transcripts are created in a timely manner, with high accuracy

NetScribe transcription platform increases productivity and provides visibility into the entire transcription process – from dictation to document distribution. Adding aiAssist™, VIQ’s intelligent speech-to-text engine turns single-speaker and multi-speaker recordings into formatted draft documents for quick review and editing, increasing productivity. Designed to support single and multi-channel recordings, including For The Record TRM files and JAVS OGG files, NetScribe has been proven to optimise documentation workflow and decrease turnaround time.

With NetScribe, enables the user to provide secure access to audio recordings and formatted documents, more quickly accurately, securely, and economically than possible with traditional tools and processes.


Courts are facing staff shortages that are negatively impacting their ability to create transcripts in a timely manner. NetScribe can help transcription teams to speed transcript creation using AI-generated text, audio recording and notes.

If extra support is needed, connected courts can utilize resources from different districts to assist and balance workload or Courts can outsource the transcript creation to VIQ’s experienced services. team

Transcription Companies & Other Organizations with In-house Transcribers

Transcription companies and other organisations with in-house transcribers, such as Law Practices, Law Enforcement and Insurance, are seeing an increase in the amount of data that needs to be securely transcribed. Technology is needed to help with the large volumes of interviews, statements, reports, and other content critical to their work. They need all-in-one software that handles workload management, QA, and billing while providing features that streamline the process for their transcriptionists.


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