Efficient Document Capture and Processing

 With its advanced features and intuitive interface, Tungsten eCopy ShareScan empowers your organisation to enhance productivity, reduce manual data entry, and ensure secure document management.

About Tungsten eCopy ShareScan

Enhance Productivity with Advanced Document Capture

Explore the capabilities of eCopy ShareScan, an advanced solution designed to revolutionise your document capture and processing workflows. With its array of sophisticated features and intuitive interface, eCopy ShareScan empowers your organisation to elevate productivity, reduce manual data entry, and establish secure document management. Delve into the pivotal features and benefits that eCopy ShareScan has to offer.


Efficient Document Capture:

eCopy ShareScan offers state-of-the-art document capture technology, ensuring accurate and swift conversion of physical documents into digital formats.


Automated Workflows:

Benefit from streamlined business processes as eCopy ShareScan automates document routing, indexing, and archiving, reducing manual intervention and enhancing efficiency.


Secure Document Management:

With robust encryption and access controls, eCopy ShareScan safeguards your sensitive documents, ensuring they remain confidential and protected throughout the document lifecycle.


Intelligent Data Extraction:

Take complete control of your computer with voice commands, navigating applications, opening files, and executing commands hands-free to increase efficiency and productivity.


eCopy ShareScan

Automated data extraction and validation minimize errors associated with manual data entry, ensuring accurate and reliable information.

eCopy ShareScan accelerates document capture and processing, reducing manual effort and allowing employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

Customisable workflows optimise document routing and processing, improving overall efficiency.

Robust security features and audit trails ensure confidential documents are handled securely and compliantly.

By reducing paper usage, manual processing, and data entry errors, eCopy ShareScan contributes to cost savings and resource optimisation.


For Business Users:

Boost operational efficiency and productivity by automating document workflows and reducing manual tasks through eCopy ShareScan's advanced document capture and automation features.


For Legal Professionals:

Streamline case management and document archiving with eCopy ShareScan's secure document capture and integration capabilities, ensuring confidential legal documents are efficiently managed and protected.

For Public Sector

Improve citizen service delivery and information management by utilising eCopy ShareScan's seamless integration with existing systems, facilitating efficient document capture, processing, and dissemination.

For Healthcare

Enhance patient care and compliance with eCopy ShareScan's secure document handling, enabling healthcare providers to efficiently capture, digitise, and manage patient records while ensuring data confidentiality and regulatory compliance.

Optimise Business Operations with eCopy ShareScan

Secure and Seamless Document Management

In conclusion, eCopy ShareScan empowers organisations to streamline document capture and processing, enhance productivity, and ensure secure and compliant document management. With its innovative features and seamless integration, eCopy ShareScan is a valuable tool for transforming your document workflows and achieving greater operational efficiency.

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