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Many organizations use printer solutions. This can be to print standard documents and have them physically in hand, invoices that still need to be sent or even all e-mail because it is easier to read.

ORdigiNAL offers software solutions to gain insight into the print management within an organisation. By installing print management software, the organisation can not only see the use of the prints and the costs of ink (toner), but also who prints within the organisation.

By installing print management software such as Equitrac, the data and documents are also protected by means of Folllow-You printing. This allows organisations to comply with all laws and regulations in the field of electronic documents by means of network security.

In addition to Equitrac print management, ORdigiNAL also offers Safecom Print Management through an extensive partner network, and the software no longer needs to be installed in its own environment because ORdigiNAL can host this in its own Cloud environment.