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Print management software coordinates all processes that take place between printer hardware and the devices requiring print jobs.

These solutions are ideal for enterprise businesses, as they can be used to manage a variety of printing tasks for large networks of printers.

For businesses, print management tools ensure that employees’ computers are properly connected to an organization’s printers. These solutions are typically deployed on one device, such as a printer, that is able to manage the entire network from a single location. A member of the organization’s IT department typically acts as the administrator of this software.

Not only does print management software enable users to print, but it also ensures that the process is as user-friendly as possible. These platforms can calibrate print jobs by colour, size, and layout. They can also assist organizations with the logistical side of printing, such as revealing the cost of print jobs and administering updates to the printing systems.

Print Management Software supports your organisation with:

  • Follow Me/You printing
  • Secure printing and authenticated release of print jobs
  • Mobile print and release
  • Handling user management by role or department
  • Manage a network of printers
  • Organising print jobs by colour, size, layout, and more
  • Monitor print queues
  • Administer updates to printers
  • Maintain print history and audit logs
  • Track ink and paper use

ORdigiNAL offers through its partner network a wide variety of print management solutions, on-premise, hybrid and in the cloud. Also, integrations with your business applications, document capture- and workflow solutions are part of our offering.

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