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Businesses need signatures to complete transactions, finalise contracts, and make agreements for the future. Signing and receiving signed paperwork should be easy, not plagued by bottlenecks and slowdowns. Get the required signatures back quickly and allow your staff to get on with business. 

Digital signatures restore speed to your processes with a more modern approach to traditionally paper-based workflows. Using integrated tools such as Kofax Power PDF and SignDoc, you can add signatures securely and while notifying the receiver, making the whole process smoother.

Documents that require a signature are often sent in PDF format. Using integrated software that includes built-in digital security certificate cryptographic proof can be added to ensure who signed the document.

Signatures are also needed for business outside of the office, at the point of sale, upon delivery of a product, or in any number of other situations. Time-saving and reliability are the keys to success in the modern business environment.

Trustworthy, Binding Signatures

Kofax SignDoc makes gathering binding signatures simple and aids in cutting high costs of paper-based processes. SignDoc supports both methods of electronic signature collecting and works with any browser and many mobile devices. SignDoc supports biometric information — signatures collected on a touch screen — and certificate-based security. Third-party security certificates provide for an additional layer of authenticity for highly sensitive documents.

Customize your signature workflow to ensure that the software works for your business. Built-in tools enable notification to those whose signatures are required. The quick reporting function gives an overview to which documents still need signatures. Combined with Power PDF, easily create documents with signature-ready fields.

Create eSignatures with Power PDF

SignDoc integration in Power PDF allows users to add their saved, handwritten signatures to documents. Ensure that this signature has all the necessary security certificates to prove that no alterations took place.

Easily send a document requiring a signature with Power PDF. Without launching your email or a web browser to share a document.

Cost-Effective Option for Document Management

Power PDF offers a cost-effective perpetual licensing option with a wide variety of useful features for your business. Contact us today to get started.

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