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Sh 10

• Steno mobile dictation device – reliable and affordable
• ergonomic slide switch
• erase/switch-on lock

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Always ready to go:
charging accumulators in the Sh 10 dictation device

The Sh 10 is a reasonably priced and extremely reliable cassette dictation device. It can run on either batteries or accumulators. If you connect your device to the Power Supply/Charger Unit 679, the accumulators charge in the battery compartment. This ensures that the dictation device is always ready to go!

Its warning signals are also useful; they alert you when the device has no cassette, the end of the tape is reached, or battery or accumulator is low. Always ready to go: charging accumulators in the Sh 10 dictation device

Stenorette: Available for the foreseeable future

The longevity, playback quality, and proven user-friendliness of the Stenorette dictation devices from Grundig Business Systems have spoken for themselves for decades. We guarantee that we will continue to provide you with suitable Stenorette dictation devices, accessories, and replacement parts for years to come.

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