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Where are we going

🎿 Our Company Ski Trip to the Alps! 🏔️

Excitement is in the air as we gear up for an unforgettable adventure in the majestic Alps! Get ready to swap your office shoes for ski boots and your spreadsheets for snowy slopes, because our company ski trip is just around the corner.

Stay tuned for more details as we finalize our plans, including accommodations, activities, and après-ski delights.

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Flight times

Please note that your flight details, including departure times, gate information, and airline details, are now available the Wens web portal. Simply log in to Wens using your credentials to access your personalized flight itinerary. 

Departure - 13 March Arrival - 13 March Departure - 16 March Arrival 16 - March
Schiphol: 7:45
Munich: 9:10
Munich: 20:05
Schiphol: 21:45
London Heathrow: 6:55
Munich: 9:50
Munich: 17:50
London Heathrow: 18:55
Brussels: 6:45
Munich: 8:05
Munich: 16:05
Brussels: 17:25
Hannover: 6:00
Munich: 7:10
Munich: 22:15
Hannover: 23:25
Bordeaux: 6:00
Paris 8:30
Munich: 10:00
Munich: 17:55
Paris: 19:40 - 21:10
Bordeaux: 22:25


Room divisions

Don’t worry, we’ve taken your roommate requests into account and tried to accommodate them as best as possible. We want you to feel at home and ready to enjoy every moment of our Alpine adventure.

Jip + Bradley

Michael + Joel

Arno + Freek

Anita + Malindar

Louise + Sarah

Julia + Pricila

Jasmin + Claudia

Claire + Ramona

Chris + Marco

Pavan + James

Day to day activities

Day to day itinerary

Over the course of our trip, we’ll be immersing ourselves in the beauty of the Alps while enjoying a mix of exhilarating activities, relaxation, and team bonding. From carving through powdery slopes to savoring delicious meals and engaging in friendly competitions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Wednesday is your day of travel, and we’re aiming to arrive at the hotel around 14:00. During the three-hour bus journey, we’ll kick things off with a brief yet an engaging company presentation. With the Tax man satisfied, you can do your thing during the bus tour. Upon arrival, there are no scheduled activities, For the ones that have rented equipment, now is your time to get that sorted. for the rest you are free to unwind however you please. The hotel will provide both breakfast and diner during our stay. Lunch is at your own expense. The evening is yours to party, catch up on sleep, or take a leisurely stroll. The choice is yours!

If you fancy getting some work done, you’re more than welcome to do so. Grab a corner in one of the restaurants of the hotels and do your thing. Wifi is readily available. For our skiing enthusiasts, this is your moment to shine! You have the entire day to carve through the snowy slopes and relish the breath taking views of the Alps. As for our non-skiers, we have an organised hike planned to soak in the majestic scenery at a more relaxed pace. Additionally, the charming town we’re staying in offers plenty of activities to explore.

Friday marks the only day with a partial mandatory schedule to follow. You’ll have the morning to yourself, whether it’s tying up loose ends at work or indulging in a serene glide down the mountainside. Following a team lunch at noon, get ready to channel your competitive spirit with some teambuilding activities! The day ends with a team dinner and a pub quiz to test your knowledge. Stick around afterward to celebrate the winners or commiserate with a drink in hand.

Whether you’re recovering from the festivities or eager to explore, the choice is yours. The team departing for Heathrow, Hannover, and Bordeaux will catch a bus back to the airport from the hotel at 11:45. The rest of the team heads to the airport at 15:00, granting you a few extra hours to make the most of your time in the Alps. So, make it count!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Packing list

Just a little longer and then you’re off to the Alps for a few days to enjoy white peaks, great slopes and the well-known après-ski. But before you leave, you need to pack your suitcase. What should you bring? You’ll find this is the packing list. Good luck closing up your suitcase 😉


Hotel Information

Nestled in the heart of Austria, lies our charming hotel. This family-run hotel boasts stunning views of the mountains, making it the perfect destination! The offers a variety of comfortable and well-appointed rooms. The hotel’s renowned restaurant serves up a delectable array of Austrian and international cuisine. Breakfast and dinner is included!

After a day of exploring the surrounding mountains, pamper yourself at the hotel’s inviting spa. Unwind in the sauna, steam bath, or massage room, or take a refreshing dip in the indoor pool. The hotel also features a game room, providing plenty entertainment options. In the evenings, you can enjoy live music or relax by the fireplace in the cozy bar.


The NL, BE, DE and French team don’t have hold luggage. The Dutch team leaving from Schiphol will receive an invite to a Teams Group to arrange further. We are thinking of sharing some hold space.

UK folks do have hold luggage

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