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The BIZSKYPE Cloud Service enables SMB companies, using the Microsoft Office work environment on their PC, to add telecom dialing capabilities to their Office applications, ERP, CRM and internet based solutions.
Customer report improved business productivity.
How is this done? All communication in the company is brought together, eliminating mobile/fixed calling as a communication channel totally separated from the IT communication. With this functionality, the employees have one communication platform integrated with the IT systems. It simplifies calling routines and enhance communication quality.All communication by the employees on behalf of the company is tracked and may be used to upgrade customer contact. This gives a tremendous boost to business productivity.

A Microsoft Office desktop

with telephony, enables calling any telephony number on your desktop regardless of application. CRM applications use the telephony activity to magically update and kick off workflow processes that is productivity.


adds value to any business customer with a Microsoft Office desktop. We deliver the service through an established Microsoft Partner Network reseller or Telcos. The price is a per user per month cloud subscription model.

SMB Business

customers between 5-500 users are our market fokus, targeting in on the 10 - 100 users as our sweet spot. We have found that our BizSkype service strengthen a Microsoft resellers established partner program Portfolio.


Our service activate Telephony as a functionality across all your applications on your Microsoft Office desktop. We deliver the service through certified Microsoft Partner Network resellers and Telcos, with a signed reseller agreement a 30 minutes education is all that is needed to educate a Microsoft 365 reseller. The Office 365 with Telephony service is available for any small and large size business customer.

CXS has built a Skype for Business enterprise class cloud service (BizSkype) that integrate multiple Telco services, through an efficient reseller Portal. A digital business process, provides the service instantly and cost efficiently to any Microsoft customer in the SMB market. The service is 100% owned by CXS and placed in Amsterdam as our delivery platform for Europe.

The CXS BizSkype service bring added value to the product portfolio of both Telcos and our MS partners, with a price per user per month service. This pricing model fits perfectly with the existing Telco and Microsoft Office 365 subscription model. We do not take any revenue away from their existing value chain. Consequently, we are no threat to any of them. The success of CXS is based on creating volume through these partners.

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