Voor veel organisaties is de opkomst van Microsoft Office 365 herkenbaar.

Bij Office 365 zit niet alleen Microsoft Outlook en Microsoft Word, maar ook Skype for Business en Microsoft Teams.


The rise of Microsoft Office 365 is recognizable for many organizations. Office 365 not only includes Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word, but also Skype for Business and nowadays Microsoft Teams
Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams are communication tools that organizations can (often) use internally to chat, call and start up video conferencing.

ORdigiNAL offers you more than that!

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams are unique solutions that connect your organization with the outside world. Now any Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams user can make and receive calls with any other user.
With ORdigiNAL Communication solutions, organizations change the internal means of communication to the number 1 accessibility. ORdigiNAL Teams, BizSkype or RouTeams are a complete Cloud PBX (telephone systems) where each user calls with / via Skype or Teams.

  • In groups, with welcome messages, mobile or fixed and always clearly present (presence).

  • ORdigiNAL Communicatie ensures that organizations can communicate flexibly and are prepared for the future

  • Independent linking of existing or new telephony suppliers