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In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations face the challenge of managing an ever-increasing volume of documents while ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. With Tungsten AutoStore, you can streamline your document workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and unlock new levels of productivity. The advanced AI-powered platform combines intelligent document capture, automated workflow, and seamless integration capabilities to simplify your document management journey. Discover the future of document management with Tungsten AutoStore today.


Intelligent Document Capture

Tungsten AutoStore utilises advanced OCR technology to accurately extract data from various document types, such as invoices, forms, and contracts.


Automated Workflow

Tungsten AutoStore automates document routing, approval processes, and notifications, ensuring seamless and efficient workflow management.


Seamless Integration

Tungsten AutoStore integrates smoothly with popular business applications, such as ERP systems and content management platforms, facilitating seamless data exchange and collaboration.


Robust Security Measures

Tungsten AutoStore ensures document security through encryption, access controls, and audit trails, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining data integrity.


Tungsten AutoStore

Tungsten AutoStore automates document capture, processing, and routing, reducing manual tasks and saving time.

With advanced data extraction capabilities, Tungsten AutoStore ensures accurate data capture, minimising errors and improving data quality.

By automating repetitive tasks, Tungsten AutoStore frees up valuable time for employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.

Tungsten AutoStore seamlessly integrates with existing systems and applications, optimising document flow and improving collaboration across departments.

By reducing manual processing and improving efficiency, Tungsten AutoStore helps organisations save on operational costs and increase ROI.


For Business Users:

Streamline document-driven processes with Tungsten AutoStore. Enhance productivity, and reduce manual errors by leveraging Tungsten AutoStore's automated capture and workflow capabilities.


For Legal Professionals:

Enhance document management and streamline case workflows with Tungsten AutoStore. Leading to improved collaboration, document security, and compliance with legal standards, thanks to the advanced features of Tungsten AutoStore.

For Public Sector

Achieve greater efficiency in document management with Tungsten AutoStore. Ensuring compliance with regulations and improving citizen services through Tungsten AutoStore's robust and secure document processing solutions.

For Heatlhcare

Optimise patient care with Tungsten AutoStore. Automating document-intensive processes, such as medical record management and claims processing, through Tungsten AutoStore's healthcare-specific solutions, promoting accuracy and reducing administrative burdens.

Revolutionise Your Document Workflows: Tungsten AutoStore Unleashes the Power of Automation Across Industries.

Tungsten AutoStore Transforms Document Management for a Seamless Business Experience.

Whether in the public sector, legal field, or healthcare industry, Tungsten AutoStore empowers users to enhance productivity, ensure compliance, and elevate the overall efficiency of their operations.

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