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FirstDraft: Transcribe with AI-Powered Precision and Efficiency

Experience the future of transcription with FirstDraft by VIQ Solutions. Cutting-edge transcription technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and advanced speech recognition to elevate the way you manage transcription tasks. Whether you’re in the legal field, healthcare, business, or any other industry requiring accurate and efficient transcriptions, FirstDraft is here to transform your workflow.


Accelerate Document Creation

FirstDraft accelerates the document creation process by automating transcription, significantly reducing the time it takes to convert spoken content into written text. This feature benefits business professionals, legal experts, healthcare practitioners, and more, enabling them to create accurate documents swiftly and efficiently. With aiAssist enhancing the process, FirstDraft streamlines transcription tasks like never before.


Precision through AI-Powered Speech Recognition

Leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, FirstDraft offers unparalleled speech recognition accuracy. This precision is particularly advantageous for legal professionals, who require highly accurate transcriptions for legal documentation and proceedings. The AI-powered technology ensures minimal errors and increases the reliability of your transcriptions, thanks to the efficiency of aiAssist.


Streamline Documentation

FirstDraft is a versatile and valuable tool that can bring immense benefits to a wide range of industries. FirstDraft is a powerful tool that is tailor-made to meet the demands of a digital age that requires speed, precision, and reliability.


Secure and Confidential Transcriptions

Security is paramount, especially when dealing with sensitive information. FirstDraft guarantees secure and confidential transcriptions, making it an ideal solution for industries such as legal and healthcare, where client and patient confidentiality is non-negotiable. aiAssist ensures an added layer of privacy and security.



FirstDraft harnesses AI technology to swiftly convert spoken content into accurately written transcripts, saving valuable time and resources.

Utilizing advanced speech recognition algorithms, FirstDraft ensures high precision in transcribing audio, minimizing errors and delivering reliable content.

 By automating the transcription process, FirstDraft reduces the need for manual transcription services, leading to significant cost savings for businesses.

FirstDraft seamlessly integrates with various platforms and applications, making it adaptable to your existing workflow and enhancing overall productivity.

With its quick turnaround time, FirstDraft streamlines collaboration by swiftly transforming audio recordings into text, facilitating efficient communication and information sharing.


For Business Users:

Enhance productivity by swiftly converting audio content into written text, allowing for efficient communication and documentation, ultimately saving time and resources.


For Legal Professionals:

Ensure accurate and reliable transcriptions for legal proceedings, interviews, and consultations, enabling precise documentation and minimizing errors in critical legal documentation.

For Public Sector

Streamline administrative processes by automating transcription tasks, enabling efficient record-keeping, and facilitating accurate documentation for various public sector activities.

For Heatlhcare

Expedite patient note-taking and medical documentation by utilizing FirstDraft's accurate transcription, enabling healthcare practitioners to focus more on patient care while maintaining detailed and precise records.

Elevate Your Transcriptions with FirstDraft's Cutting-Edge AI Technology

Accurate Transcriptions, Empowered by FirstDraft's AI Innovation

Experience the future of transcription with FirstDraft by VIQ Solutions. With its AI-powered accuracy, seamless integration, and industry-specific benefits, FirstDraft transforms transcription tasks from time-consuming chores into efficient, accurate processes. From legal proceedings to medical documentation and beyond, FirstDraft is the ultimate solution for enhanced transcription accuracy and efficiency.

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