Speech Recognition for Legal

Speed legal documentation turnaround times, eliminate transcription bottlenecks, and free support staff to focus on high-value, billable tasks with Dragon Professional Anywhere, the enterprise-ready speech recognition solution for law firms or legal departments

Put Dragon to work for you.

Finish legal documents faster.

With a customizable vocabulary, streamline client and case documentation and improve productivity across the entire practice.

Reduce transcription costs,

Dictate and transcribe audio files, pre-recorded recordings or podcast from a single speaker, or batch files of audio recordings.

Manage across the entire practice.

Manage user accounts and profiles, administrative settings, and custom commands practice-wide.

Accurate recognition of legal terms.

By adding specialised legal vocabulary you can dictate contracts, briefs, or format legal citations and other legal documentation. Dragon Legal group is 3 times faster than typing, with up to 99% accuracy from the first use.

Leverage Nuance Deep Learning technology.

A next-generation speech engine powered by Nuance Deep Learning technology allows Dragon uses to achieve high recognition accuracy while dictating even when in a noisy space. 

Eliminate or reduce transcription time and costs.

Using Dragon, transcribe recorded notes or voice files of another single speaker into text quickly or use the Auto Transcribe Folder Agent (ATFA) to transcribe batch files of audio recordings. Allowing your team to reduce the use of external transcription services and the ability to reallocate staff to other tasks. 

Improve efficiency and automate workflows.

Customise voice commands to insert standard clauses into documents. Or create time-saving macros and automate multi-step workflows by voice. Share customisations across the group for efficiency gains.

Enhance productivity for out of the office employees.

Enable legal professionals to complete documentation while not in the office, while visiting clients, or on their way to court. Use Dragon on popular touchscreen PCs, or sync with Dragon Anywhere Group, Nuance’s cloud-based, professional-grade mobile dictation solution, and improve mobile documentation productivity.

Reduce repetitive stress injuries 

Enable legal professionals to create documents and perform other computer tasks – all by voice, and reduce the physical strain of typing.

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