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Microsoft Teams & Telephony

Microsoft Business Voice

Companies often have a variety of solutions to meet user and company needs for collaboration and telephony. 

With Teams Telephony, everything can be converged into the one and same user experience. 

All it takes is extending existing Microsoft 365 licensing and connecting your telephony agreement with Routeams or BizSkype.

When everything is gathered in Teams, users will only relate to one login, which provides easier administration, fewer support inquiries and easier troubleshooting.

All users and telephony administration are handled in Microsoft 365 and you get to reuse distribution groups and departmental groups that are already in place for the organization. Many companies have built up a relationship of trust with their Microsoft Reseller over the years and will be able to use this relationship to including support for Teams Telephony, regardless of the telephony provider.

ORdigiNAL will assist you with the set-up of your Telephony within Teams! We currently do this for a variety of business partners, system integrators and distributors.

We offer a broad scale of international and national telephony operators with callingplans and support.

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