Microsoft Teams

Collaboration works best through teamwork

Microsoft Teams

When teams have to look up information sources, wait for answers from others, or retrieve data from different software applications or devices, projects are delayed. Team members rush to meet deadlines, making it nearly impossible to deliver their best creative work.

Teamwork and collaboration should make you more efficient instead of less. However, you have probably noticed that it is not always the case. Have you ever said “Who has the most recent version of that market analysis?” or “It takes too long to get feedback on the budget from the team; we don’t have much time left! ” We heard you and that’s why we designed Microsoft Teams. This is a work environment with chat functionality in Office 365, so you get all the creative benefits of teamwork and make your teams more productive.

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Instantly find what you are looking for

One of the biggest waste of time for teams is searching for content, resources, contacts, and conversation threads. Imagine how much more effective everyone would be if they had instant access to everything they need right in Office 365. Microsoft Teams has powerful, integrated search capabilities and built-in access to SharePoint, OneNote, and Planner so team members can instantly find what they are looking for. Every document shared in Microsoft Teams is saved to the cloud. Team members are always working on the most recent version – without having to search for it.

Get that feedback right away

Team members are often at a standstill waiting for feedback and approval to continue a project. They try to schedule conference calls, but all that back-and-forth takes up time. Even when they have finally managed to meet, edit project documents, and send the revised versions, they often have to wait for approval again. All that changes when they can quickly start a team chat, private chat, or online meeting with decision-makers and collaborate on shared files to get instant approval. Integrated notifications and chat messages while viewing a document allow you to edit and complete it on the spot.

Bring relevant information into Microsoft Teams

Team members can customize work environments with the specialized content and apps they need every day. For example, with Microsoft Teams, they can add tabs such as a Word document or Power BI dashboard to provide quick access or take quick action with bots. Add apps like Jira or Trello to bring relevant information into your teamwork hub.

You can do all of this with built-in security and compliance features, including data encryption and multi-factor authentication for enhanced identity protection.

The very best of teamwork

With Microsoft Teams, you can fully embrace the benefits of teamwork and share files with ease, making great ideas exceptional. Take the opportunity for dramatic innovation by supporting a culture of collaboration so that your business:

  • Exchange ideas better.
  • Time-to-market can accelerate.
  • Provide quality products and provide new customer experiences.