Scan, Capture and BPM

Because many documents already change hands within an organization, there is a lot of printing and administrative staff process this manually in digital systems, ORdigiNAL started looking for intelligent solutions for more efficient document workflows.

Many manual processes can now be automated by intelligent software. This is what we call Business Process Management (BPM).

Often a starting point of the Business Process Management is an input, this can be digital, such as an email or an attachment, or analog, a letter or an invoice.

ORdigiNAL offers AutoStore software for organizations that want to digitize their document flow and input activities.

AutoStore can automate various business processes in a modular way. By reading the scanned messages or the attachments of e-mails, Autostore can determine what should happen with the document.

In addition to Kofax ControlSuite and AutoStore, ORdigiNAL also offers Ecopy ShareScan and the scan & capture functionalities of the Print Management Solutions in our portfolio, such as SafeQ, EveryOne Print and Safecom. To connect these solutions to your back-end systems (CRM, ERP, Finance, HR, DMS etc and/or archives, have a look at Dr. Connect for a wide range of possibilities.


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