Stethos ELP

Turning paper and digital documents into files you can edit 

Stethos ELP

The Enhanced Laser Printing System (ELP) is an intelligent, modular, scalable and very efficient Output Management System. One of the main objectives of ELP is the easy usage and the very short training period. ELP offers different possibilities to enhance and modify the printer data stream without interfering with existing processes.

Features of Stethos ELP

Print Management

Control all functions of the printer: like stapling, hole punching and folding mailboxes, and pin printing. Simplex/duplex, paper tray (In and out), with
colour management.

Form Management

Every job and page can be controlled: Add, insert or remove copies, forms, and watermarks between the data stream. Add documents at the beginning, at the end or just before/after each copy. Rule-based added documents, depending on data stream content.


Archive jobs in various formats like .tiff and signed PDF. Configure the place and file name and hold information like user names, printer names, document names or any other information found in the data stream or accessed databases.

Collecting Jobs

Software-based FollowMe(TM) printing is possible. Setup processes to collect, sort and print documents.

Split Jobs

The archive and Job Distribution function can direct split mail merge printed jobs right into its single documents. Both can overlay at the same time forms and perform all other ELP functions.

Distributed Printing

The toolbox offers a range of solutions for distributing jobs:
– 2 copies here and at the same time another copy there
– if a job is larger then X pages, send it to another printer, and if even larger then….
– Workload balancing does make sure, that the big job is printed on X printers in the shortest possible time.
– Split a mail merge job into its single documents and process
The OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) functionality with ELP provides an easy to use and fully automated way, for OMR bar code printing. OMR bar codes are used for automatic insertion of documents into an envelope.

Data Sheet

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