Modular, secure and simplified print management


The formula for finance and IT managers to reduce costs and simplify document workflow is simple: consolidate, standardize and control printing operations. And yet your employees want to print anytime, anywhere and at any printer. With comprehensive print management tools that deliver smart, secure printing deployments, Kofax SafeCom makes it happen.

SafeCom is a world-class print management solution for controlling access to multi-function printer (MFP) and single-function print devices. It enables secure pull printing, encryption and document security as well as tracking and reporting capabilities. SafeCom integrates with many payment solutions, includes rules-based printing, mobile print and mobile pull print functionality— meeting business demands. It’s simple enough for small businesses to configure and use, but robust enough for even the largest of enterprises.


  • Scalability and high availability: The SafeCom solution is built with scalability and high availability in mind. Each component can connect to one of multiple SafeCom servers deployed to automatically failover if one server can’t be reached. This type of architecture gives SafeCom the ability to scale to an organization’s size as it grows. This functionality is built into the SafeCom architecture and doesn’t require any third-party solutions.
  • Added security: Secure pull print reduces waste and increases security ensuring users pick up the documents they send to the printers. Security doesn’t stop there; the print jobs themselves are stored in an encrypted format while they are waiting to be released preventing malicious users from gaining access to valuable information. Finally, the solution itself can be configured for a complete end-to-end encrypted workflow allowing complete security of documents during their enter print lifecycle.
  • Cost savings: SafeCom helps reduce print related costs by up to 40% with secure pull print and efficient print rules. SafeCom reduces or removes the need for print servers within an organization through client- based printing. In addition, the print process can be simplified for end users by offering to print to a single queue and release the document from any device within an organization, allowing users who move from office to office to print simply without having to identify a device, download drivers, and define a queue.
  • High flexibility: SafeCom is a multi-vendor solution and supports 10 different MFP platforms. In addition, SafeCom also has embedded solution for both MFP and select single-function printers. Multiple configuration options from server and client-based printing and mobile offerings offer your organization a wide range of deployment options to best fit your needs.
  • Simple deployment: SafeCom is an enterprise ready solution, but offers the convenience and ease of deployment of a small business solution. SafeCom can be deployed and configured on a single server in less than 30 minutes.
  • Mobile print capabilities: SafeCom’s mobile print solution is a world-class, competitively- priced solution for offering mobile printing to a user base. The solution is simple to setup and configure and gives users different methods of submitting jobs through the mobile solution— including a mobile app, e-mail submission and web submission.


  • Authentication: Users have to authenticate themselves when they log-in at the device. Authentication is when the SafeCom Server identifies a user as a recognized and approved user of the system and output device. Authentication protects against misuse and unauthorized use of company MFPs and printers.
  • Hardware integration: SafeCom supports two new secure card readers from Kofax, including the Kofax Ethernet Card Reader and the Kofax Micro Card Reader. Both card readers offer the same enhanced security with the added benefit of a flexible design that allows for a simpler installation and deployment.
  • Secure pull print: Send your documents to the SafeCom printer server and securely pick up your documents from any device, at any time.
  • Document encryption: With document encryption, protect your documents and data from being intercepted while traveling over the network.
  • Higher security: SafeCom utilizes industry standard TLS 1.2 encryption for secure communication between different SafeCom components for added security.
  • High availability: SafeCom can be configured and adapted to any print environment, whether in small or large and is resistant to network or server outages—users can continue to be productive even while network or server outages are present.
  • Tracking, reporting and analysis: Tracking and standard reporting capabilities provides a clear overview of your company’s print, copy, scan, fax and e-mail activities, usage behavior and costs.
  • Rule-based printing: Enables organizations to implement printing rules in accordance with company print policies. This helps with saving toner and paper on specified types of document and applications.
  • Mobile print: Users have different methods of submitting jobs through the mobile solution, including the mobile app, email submission and web submission.