Kofax Output Manager

Organizations are challenged to stay abreast and ahead of digital transformation. They need solutions that inject intelligence into their workflows, including their document control and print management work streams, so that they drive business outcomes, cut costs and impact the bottom line. Kofax Output Manager helps organizations to Work Like Tomorrow by delivering the most intelligent governance for your document control and print management needs. Its superior security features help organizations improve document security, minimize inefficiencies and mitigate compliance risks. Kofax Output Manager’s best-in-class print and document control capabilities infuse process orchestration, including intelligent redaction, and keen re-routing to increase workforce capacity. Kofax Output Manager helps protect printed documents and prevents the unauthorized flow of sensitive information.

Key capabilities

  • Stringent data and document security:  Ability to interrogate the print stream and stop predefined confidential information from printing is critical.
  • Advanced workflows:  Re-routing documents or deleting and adding specified data across a selected batch of documents improves productivity.
  • Expanded high availability architecture:  Support for desktop applications in Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), remote printing capabilities, and expanded high availability architectures
  • Extended mobile capabilities:  Multiple ways of authenticating using a mobile device, including NFC / Bluetooth authentication
  • Scalable, high-availability architectur:  Offers architecture that scales easily in any environment, from small businesses to large enterprises with multiple offices and thousands of devices.
  • Ease of management:  Completely new, web-based administration and wizard with template-driven configuration tools reduces the time spent configuring a print environment.

Reduce the risk of failed compliance audits

  • Identify or remove sensitive information prior to printing
  • Remove document from the normal workflow,  preventing printing
  • Stop certain items from being printed if they contain predefined  confidential information
  • Establish chain of custody documenting who has accessed or  printed information
  • Encrypt your file store for files that have printed or are waiting to  print to protect data at rest
  • Retain electronic copies of printed documents to meet  compliance requirements

Mitigate and minimize security risks with heightened document security features

  • Change user behavior by adding a watermark or information showing document ownership
  • Keep confidential data secure with document inspection and document transformation
  • Identify the rightful owner of documents, preventing unauthorized flow of sensitive information
  • Enable mobile authentication using our new Multicard reader

Add workforce capacity, and reduce print management inefficiencies and costs

  • Provide tools for simplifying and automating time-consuming and challenging workflows
  • Centralize print management, which lower the cost of hardware
  • Support the mobile workforce by enabling information print, capture, processing and routing from a
    mobile device
  • Normalize incompatible document formats and print streams
  • Kofax Output Manager process orchestration capabilities enable a secure back-office printing experience. It secures and manages the way information is printed and routed, thereby increasing workforce productivity, impacting your bottom line and helping you Work Like Tomorrow.TM

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