Printix is a public cloud, SaaS-based print management offering that addresses the growing market demand from customers seeking to offload print infrastructure and migrate to print-as-a-service. Printix removes the need to install traditional on-premise print management software.

True Cloud Solution

Instead of a hybrid cloud solution, like many other providers. Printix offers secure print services from a cloud platform. Without requiring additional services and on-premises infrastructure dependencies.

Improve Productivity

Automatic print network discovery with intelligent print driver selection and automatic print queue installation by location, group or self-service.

Fast Onboarding

Automatic updates allow the user to enjoy the latest software. SaaS model delivers quick provisioning and onboarding without installation and configuration complexities. 

Simplified, centralised administration

Deploy printers with automatic updates from any location at any time. With the central management location, you can update clients and drivers automatically. 

Third-party integrations

Integrates with Microsoft components and tools including Azure AD, Endpoint Manager, Azure Virtual Desktop, Universal Print and Power BI. Integration with Google Workspace via single sign-on and Chromebook printing.

Meeting Data Security and Compliance Requirements Using a Smart Cloud Print Infrastructure Whitepaper

Download the Printix Data Security Whitepaper.


Flexibility and Scalability

  •  Print anytime, anywhere from any device to any printer
  •  Automatic upgrades, scaling, and healing
  • Easily scalable for the number of users and printers

Reduces Complexity and Cost

  • Dramatically reduce the cost of print operations and relieve IT burden with quick ROI
  • Serverless Infrastructure
  • Remove print servers and local administration
  • Central print driver and queue management
  •  Automatic deployment based on locations or group policy

Easy to Use

  • Print to any printer from any device at any location with no user impact
  • Single sign-on via Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace access
  • Usage reporting and analytics
  • Easy deployment with central management of printers and users
  • Automatic updates and self-service provisioning
  • Automatically discover, define, and configure print queues and drivers

Value with Expanded Portfolio

  • Printix and ControlSuite are complementary solutions that easily co-exist in an environment delivering increased value
  • Multiple deployment options offer maximum flexibility and alignment to customer requirements
  • The combined solution can be architected to support organisational needs based on hybrid workforces

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