Help Desk

Our professionals generate leads and focus on the goals, customers and markets that you want to further develop.

With the advent of more and more cloud services and opportunities to organize ICT infrastructure, the demand for ICT support has increased. Most organizations no longer have enough of a helpdesk functionality where only questions can be asked. There is a need for immediate problem-solving and even more need for technical knowledge, management and unburdening in the ICT field. We can do all this with our team. Think of our colleagues from the helpdesk, who work remotely and manage all solutions offered by ORdigiNAL functionally and operationally for you.

ORdigiNAL meets the need for knowledge, documentation and unburdening by offering a helpdesk as a service. This helpdesk acts as a central point on the chosen solution for your ICT organization. Our employees not only solve hardware and software failures, but also arrange the installation of applications and programs for any new users. Our helpdesk employees work together with all other ORdigiNAL employees. Everything with the aim of providing you as a customer with the best possible service.

Our helpdesk is available  during  normal office hours to offer you a good solution as soon as possible.

Contact us now by e-mail support(@) or phone +31 (0)36 53 604 55.