Kofax Business Connect


Extend business processes to mobile workforces

In a distributed environment, you need to keep your workforces agile, connected and productive. Yet extending business processes can often create inefficiencies when remote workers need to complete business forms or send attachments to business applications securely.

Kofax Business Connect extends business processes to mobile workforces, enabling employees to capture and submit documents and images, access files and securely print documents through a single productivity solution. With Kofax Business Connect, your mobile workforce will work more efficiently and deliver quality information downstream, while mitigating any risks to sensitive data by seamlessly integrating into your organization’s security infrastructure.

Mobile Workforces Require Continuity

Your distributed business needs a seamless workflow without risky or inefficient processes. Kofax Business Connect creates a secure and interconnected environment to extend your business processes to mobile workforces:

  • 75%  of all cyber-security incidents are caused by inadvertent employee actions — including leaving private, printed documents unattended 
  • 15% increase over the past year in security vulnerabilities with connected devices, including printers, laptops and smartphones

  • 75B  With more than 75 billion devices expected to be connected to the Internet worldwide by 2025, we need to find better ways of protecting the information that flows throughout our organizations

Extend Mobility so you can Work Like Tomorrow

The integrated capabilities of Kofax Business Connect empower your organization to work today like the workforce of tomorrow and allow mobile workers to be more productive and remain connected through:

Mobile capture on the go

Deliver information back into your business processes securely, whatever the format: a picture taken on your mobile device, an email attachment, a file downloaded from a cloud-hosted service, or from any application on your mobile device.

Electronic forms

Eliminate the need to find, print, carry and return paper forms by extending back-office business applications directly to your mobile device.

Barcode scanning with lookup

Read a barcode with your mobile device and populate eForm fields instantaneously with accurate data pulled right from your company’s database.

eSignature: acknowledge consent, anywhere, anytime

Keep your business on track with signatures captured electronically and sent from smart devices. This allows mobile employees to quickly obtain approval or consent and validate information.

Geo-tagging information

Gain a deeper level of understanding by using geolocation to know where information is collected. Use map coordinates to validate where the work was performed or audit mobile workforces by reviewing location history.

Secure file access

Tap into the company network from wherever you are, for secure access to your files and shared network folders.

Secure mobile print: safely print, wherever, whatever, whenever

Initiate print jobs from your smart phone or tablet to print securely to any network printer.

Microsoft SharePoint®

Browse, view, attach and print Microsoft SharePoint documents from your mobile device

Bi-directional database connectivity

Minimize the time spent looking up and entering data to a mobile device using simple lookup fields. Return values ​​stored in backend databases and use it for indexing data in real time.


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