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ORdigiNAL has been founded and established by Jordy Onrust, now Managing Director of ORdigiNAL.
Before, Jordy worked at Grundig AG in Amsterdam where he was responsible for the productrange of Grundig business systems. As a distributor, he focused on the latest digital products and solutions of Grundig.

The name of ORdigiNAL represents exactly the goal Jordy had at that time.

Original speaks for itself and digi shows the digital aspect.

ORdigiNAL stands for:

“offering digital solutions in an original way to the users”

Until now, every year there have been changes for ORdigiNAL; the range of solutions and new services but also new colleagues, regions and business partners.

Nowadays, ORdigiNAL is active in the whole of Europe and our team is getting bigger every year.

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