Plantronics Manager ProPlantronics Manager Pro, is a new cloud service offering which helps partners and enterprise ITmanagers configure, deploy and support Plantronics communications devices in the organization.IT can rapidly deploy a consistent user experience to any number of Plantronics devices whilereducing complexity for end-users.

Plantronics HubPlantronics Hub for Windows and Plantronics Hub for Mac are two new desktop applications thatenable end-users to configure and manage their Plantronics communication devices. Whencombined with Plantronics Manager Pro, IT managers can control and manage corporate-wideunified communication deployments, manage inventory and push firmware updates to devices. ITcan provide as much or as little control over device settings to end-users as they want. Plantronics Manager Pro is the successor to Plantronics Enterprise Manager and PlantronicsHub for Windows/Mac is the successor to the Spokes 2.8 client.

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