Microsoft Teams and ORdigiNAL, it rolls off the tongue nicely. This partnership will only grow because we developed a unique service for Microsoft Teams which we’re over the moon about.

What we’ve been doing with Skype was very cool; call monitoring, call logging and calling with your laptop… But with Teams we will go beyond that, with a lot more functionalies and every possible Microsoft extension, this service will be indispensable for businesses.

It’s unique because it runs on our own servers in the cloud. So calling is possible from Microsoft, also with logs, monitoring and everything else involved in telephony, but now without VoIP and no more switchboard.

And even better: you can share information, files and cooperation with your team. It’s an all-in-one package. Say goodbye to expensive infrastructure and a multitude of systems. And the CFO will be happy too because the costs per user are especially low.

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