Grundig Business Systems (GBS), a global leader in supplying professional dictation systems, is the new integration partner of Nuance, the leading supplier of speech solutions. This allows GBS to offer a complete package of speech recognition and dictation solutions starting immediately.

Dragon for DigtaSoft from GBS is based on the leading speech recognition solution, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 Professional from Nuance. The new product is specially adapted to professional dictation and to GBS hardware. This means that it incorporates the particular requirements of those who dictate professionally. “We have, for instance, optimised the initial settings for use by those who dictate a great deal, thereby making the software easier to operate and improving recognition performance,” says GBS Managing Director Roland Hollstein. GBS offers attorneys the Dragon for DigtaSoft Legal product range which includes extensive legal vocabulary.

Speech recognition integrated into dictation workflow
Dragon for DigtaSoft and Dragon for DigtaSoft Legal have been optimised to interact with the DigtaSoft Pro software. “This makes dictation with speech recognition even more convenient for our customers because it is simply integrated into existing work processes,” says Hollstein. Various user groups within a company, each with its individual vocabulary and speech profiles, can also be easily administered. “The speed with which a document is generated can often be increased by up to 50 per cent when Dragon for DigtaSoft is used,” Hollstein emphasises.

Dragon for DigtaSoft or Dragon for DigtaSoft Legal allows dictation to be made with either a mobile dictation device or a PC microphone whilst retaining a natural speech rhythm. The user can choose whether he would like to use speech recognition as he dictates either by on-line recognition or at a later time using the off-line recognition function. Dictation file’s can also be sent directly to the secretarial staff, who can begin speech recognition and immediately make corrections. “What makes all this so ideal is that the corrections made by the secretarial staff automatically improve the author\’s speech recognition vocabulary,” says Hollstein.

Dragon for Digtasoft and Dragon for DigtaSoft Legal are available with low-priced Digta headsets or together in a package with dictation devices from the Digta 7 series, or the Digta SonicMic II PC microphone.

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