Document solutions for the legal industry can help law firms make sure all documents are processed accurately, securely and cost-effectively. And in turn, all of this helps improve productivity, cost recovery and the bottom line. Learn more by watching the Nuance webinar replay.

It’s a fact all legal firms and law departments have become accustomed to: the staggering volume of documents they have to manage today.

Whether you’re preparing for disclosure, collaborating with associates or filing with the court, every document must be processed accurately, securely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Some firms try to improve productivity and reduce document costs by application of less expensive resources to administrative tasks, but this only masks the reality that a firm may not be reducing the actual time spent accomplishing critical tasks. The firm may, in fact, be increasing the overall complexity and time spent on a matter. This is frequently the case in the creation and handling of PDF documents, where many firms are paying for software features they never use or not getting all the capability they need, such as easily adding comments, redacting content or extending access to documents to all in-house or virtual staff in full compliance with data governance.

All of this leads to the question: What is the best way to streamline legal document workflows while ensuring the security of the documents your firm or department manages every day?

One answer is document solutions for the legal industry. Consisting of document capture and workflow, cost recovery, mobile and more, legal document solutions can optimise legal workflows, simplify complex tasks and improve the productivity of an increasingly mobile workforce.

For example, Stradley Ronon recently took advantage of a centralised cost recovery and expense management solution to enable them to meet their goals related to improving cost recovery and becoming less reliant on paper. In doing so, Stradley Ronon reduced annual support costs and increased recovery – improvements that strengthened the firm’s bottom line.

A webinar on improving legal workflows
If you’re interested in learning more, you can also watch a replay of a Nuance legal webinar, “Streamlining and Securing Legal Workflows.”

This webinar will provide insights and best practices to help law firms and legal departments improve document workflows and increase the overall security of your documents. You’ll have a chance to see how improving legal document workflows can help you:

Manage diverse sources of case information in a complex environment
Use automation to streamline operations
Enable better collaboration between departments
Improve regulatory compliance, increase security and reduce costs
This is your chance to see how document solutions can help track client expenses, know what true costs are and reduce print and IT costs. And in turn, this helps law firms large and small gain control of document processes and their related to costs to drive productivity, ensure compliance and enhance profitability.

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