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CSpeak, is the pinnacle of secure, cloud-based clinical speech recognition seamlessly integrated into your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system.

About CSpeak

CSpeak: Revolutionising Clinical Speech Recognition

 With CSpeak, harness the remarkable power of Nuance’s award-winning clinical speech recognition database to offer you an unparalleled clinical documentation experience. Here’s how CSpeak is transforming healthcare documentation:


Effortless Deployment and Unrivaled Accuracy

CSpeak stands out for its exceptional scalability, accuracy, and ease of implementation. Unlike legacy voice recognition solutions that require extensive voice training, CSpeak delivers astounding accuracy right from the start. You can put it to work without the need for extensive training, making it the ideal choice for busy healthcare professionals.


Cost-Effective Enterprise Deployment

Deploying a powerful speech recognition solution across your healthcare enterprise no longer comes with a hefty price tag. CSpeak is designed to offer your organization all the benefits of clinical speech recognition without breaking the bank. Its cost-effective monthly subscription model allows your organisation to effortlessly add or remove users as needed, providing the flexibility required in today’s healthcare landscape.


Streamlined Workflow with Step-by-Step Commands

CSpeak is engineered to make clinical documentation seamless and distraction-free. Say goodbye to the traditional “dictation box.” With CSpeak, your clinical notes are effortlessly transcribed as you speak, keeping your focus on patient care where it belongs.


Customisation for Enhanced Efficiency

Tailor CSpeak to match your specific clinical needs. Easily incorporate custom vocabulary words and templates to expedite note-taking, ensuring your documentation is both faster and more precise.



 CSpeak significantly boosts the productivity of healthcare professionals by eliminating the need for extensive voice training and providing rapid, accurate documentation.

Our cost-effective monthly subscription model allows healthcare organisations to enjoy the benefits of clinical speech recognition without incurring prohibitive expenses.

With seamless documentation and a distraction-free interface, CSpeak enables healthcare providers to focus more on patient care, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

 The customisation options and streamlined workflow in CSpeak reduce manual data entry and repetitive tasks, freeing up time for healthcare professionals to attend to critical tasks.

CSpeak integrates seamlessly with the Powermic Mobile smartphone app, effectively turning your iPhone or Android device into a wireless microphone. This innovative feature ensures that you have the freedom to move and interact with your patients while maintaining clear and accurate clinical documentation.


For Business Users:

This product is intended for healthcare, but don't worry we have lots of solutions to help you out


For Legal Professionals:

This product is intended for healthcare, but don't worry we have lots of solutions to help you out

For Public Sector

This product is intended for healthcare, but don't worry we have lots of solutions to help you out

For Healthcare

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CSpeak: Transforming Clinical Documentation with Seamless Speech Recognition

Effortless and Accurate Clinical Notes with CSpeak's Speech Recognition

CSpeak: Elevating Healthcare Efficiency Through Customisable Speech Recognition

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